Waffle Savories

Choose from whole meal, plain or spelt flour made from locally grown stone-ground organic wheat, organic milk & organic free-range eggs.

Cheesy Bean Waffle (V)
A Waffle topped with fried beans and stuffed with salad.
Garlic butter waffle (V)
Topped with Fried Garlic, Exotic Bell Peppers, Tomatoes
Tex-Mex vegetarian
A Waffle topped with Exotic Mexican Herbs includes (Onion, Crisp Capsicum, Bell peppers, tomatoes &jalapenos) Non-Vegetarian
Spicy Chicken Waffle
Nigerian Hot Pepper, Hot & Spicy Chicken Topped on the waffle.
Roasted Chicken Waffle
Roasted Chicken Strips , Bbq Sauce, Garnished with Herbs.
Sweet Corn Chicken Waffle
Chicken Cubes, Sweet Corn, Black pepper, Topped with Mayo and herbs